Hello there. This is Alison Song, the writer and host behind AcornMagic.com. Glad to have this chance to meet you here. I host this blog to share my thoughts on how to live a meaningful life, pursue our wildest dream, learn something new every day or most days, develop desirable habits, drop negative thoughts, and cope with all the difficulties and adversities on the way to reach our goal and achieve our success.

The name of this blog, AcornMagic, started from the quote: “The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground. –Unknown”. This very quote helps me learn to work and live at my own pace, grow and thrive in life with low stress, transform myself into the person who I always wish to be, change my life into the one I always desire to live, become who I truly am deep down inside, holding my head up high and carrying a genuine smile from the heart.

The road from negative thinking, self-loathing, procrastination, depression to being able to identify most of the negative thoughts consciously, choose positive thoughts as replacement actively, take action to solve problems instead of dodging and glooming, is hardly flat or quiet. I believe, allowing our change and growth to be as slow as an acorn seed sprouting up above the soil, testing and developing a work system practical for ourselves are the fundamental rocks for us to accomplish our ambition on this road of growth.

Seeing ourselves as an acorn seed in the soil and Learning how to lower our expectations, break down projects into mini steps, attack the steps one by one, are the most crucial parts to achieve any victory in life. And as any oak tree starts from an acorn seed on its ground, we indeed do have all the force and power inside us to change, to think differently, to act differently, to be different and grow into our own grand oak tree, through investing our time and energy.

The essential part of this journey is to learn how to start small, keep moving forward step by step, deal with mistakes, failures, relapses, setbacks and frustrations on the way to our goals, and bounce back to our path after encountering them, shorten the bouncing-back period, be patient with our change and growth, prepare ourselves for failure, give ourselves permission to make mistakes, to be stupid and lazy occasionally. As life is not all smooth, pretty, exciting and enjoyable, negativity does play an equal role in it as well. As we are not always perfect, strong, competent and admirable, we are stupid, vulnerable, inadequate and irritating from time to time as well. It is all right. To err is human; to forgive divine. The oak tree gets scars on its bark and loses leaves and branches while growing stronger and larger, but it does grow into the mighty great tree ultimately. We’ll achieve our finishing line and triumph in the end, no matter how slowly we are moving ahead.

For the moment, the blog is going to cover the following areas:
1. How to find our own mission and live a meaningful life.
2. How to reform old habits and develop desirable habits.
3. How to learn and try new things.
4. How to cope with mood swings, procrastination and depression.
5. How to make plans, and manage time and energy to reach our goals.

There can be miracles, but miracles do not happen overnight. Every day would just be an ordinary day, some day would even be frustrating, sad, messy, and of course, some day would be amazing, cheerful, and productive. Prepare ourselves for all of these days, keep our hands on the steering wheel, and ride on the emotional roller coaster of life.

I wish reading this blog would bring sunlight, joy, hope, and action into your life. Enjoy it like a snack bar for your day. And thank you for being here, travelling with me.

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